Frequently Asked Questions

When it comes to tackling the tough challenges all Senior Living operators face today, Pure Solutions offers a different perspective based on proven experience and a large network of advisors.  We add the support needed to design and implement the best-performing strategies.  Pure’s team will customize solutions for your organization and work together to create impactful results.

We bring industry experts together to create incredible resources that will design, build and maintain senior living communities across the country.  Pure has architects, general contractors, interior designers, and maintenance professionals to help you through all stages of your property development including design, remodeling, and renovation projects.

Construction & Design

We bring together leading data technology companies and services to provide Real-Time data with actionable reports that are designed specifically for each Senior Living client.  With improved visibility and customized dashboards highlighting revenue, expense control, and labor utilization, our clients have critical information to make their most important decisions.

Our deep understanding of supply chain and procurement processes employed across the Senior Living industry is the foundational knowledge we share to reduce expenses and improve efficiency.  Pure Solutions brings together procurement experts that help identify opportunities to improve everything procurement related including GPO optimization, program rollout, vendor relationships, and contract negotiation.

At Pure Solutions, we are no different than our clients and industry partners.  We know our residents must come first and deserve best-in-class service, products, and attention.  Pure aims to improve the lives of seniors and those that are serving them, so we have identified and vetted the companies that will help our clients provide exceptional care and hospitality

Pure Solutions has identified new companies and strategies to support the growth of Senior Living communities across the country.  Our network of providers understands what it takes to find potential residents and support the journey from making the initial contact to move-in day.

Taking the best care of residents requires a dedicated, motivated, and well-trained team.  Pure Solutions aims to address one of today’s toughest challenges and we will help you raise the bar to attract and retain the best team available.

Technology has arrived and is evolving at an amazing rate across organizations and impacts residents and staff.  Pure Solutions brings together leading experts with career-long backgrounds in Tech to guide clients through the overwhelming decisions, complex implementations, and necessary ongoing support needed with countless solutions needed to run today’s communities.  We partnered with Pure Technology as the ultimate resource to support any size organization and all technological issues.  Bringing your building into the modern era has never been easier or more cost-effective.