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Technology solutions are the backbone of operations, customer and team experience. Reliable internet connectivity and efficient WiFi networks enable seamless communication, data exchange, and cloud access. Quick and effective Help Desk Support ensures uninterrupted workflow, while Managed IT Services reduce downtime, boosting overall productivity.

Pure Solutions consultants are instrumental in this digital era, offering expert recommendations to optimize technology infrastructure, enhance cybersecurity, and improve operational efficiency. Our insights guide companies in making informed decisions, aligning tech investments with strategic goals, and staying competitive in a rapidly evolving digital world.

From robust internet connections to Help Desk Support and Managed IT Services, technology upgrades are vital for modern businesses. They ensure connectivity, minimize disruptions, and streamline operations, enabling companies to thrive in the fast-paced digital landscape.


Our team of experts customize technology solutions for your communities and provide the resources needed to support your staff and residents.

  • WiFi Optimization and Upgrades
  • In-room Entertainment
  • Telecommunications
  • Managed IT Services- Help Desk
  • Equipment and Hardware Sourcing, Installation and Service

Robotics have arrived in senior living and they are revolutionizing the way seniors experience care and support.Servi Plus Robot
This evolving technology not only offers improved well-being and convenience for residents, but also addresses the growing demand for healthcare and support services with a limited supply of employees.  Pure’s team will showcase the latest robots and share best practices for your community.


The emergence of AI in senior living represents a significant advancement in senior care services. Artificial intelligence is rapidly being integrated into various aspects of senior living to enhance the quality of life and support the unique needs of aging populations. AI helps detect falls, monitor vital signs, and manage medication, improving overall safety and well-being. Additionally, AI can optimize staff allocation, sales efforts, and employee engagement. As the senior population continues to grow, AI is poised to play a pivotal role in addressing the challenges and demands of senior living, ultimately offering a higher standard of care and quality of life for seniors.

  • Customized Artificial Intelligence
  • Expert resources available to develop use cases and strategies

Pure Solutions partners with a comprehensive digital audit tool for all critical checks, mock-survey, forms and inspections.  Imagine having complete, accurate records and results for every audit in real time with the ability to track performance across all departments and communities.

Areas of impact include facility maintenance, dining operations, environmental,

  • Quickly Identify Missed Inspections
  • Set Daily, Weekly, Monthly & Yearly Target Frequencies
  • Find ALL Completed Audit Records
  • Highlight Outstanding Issues
  • Create Custom Hierarchies, Groups and Permissions – view across entire organization.

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